For Sale: Short Term Rental Studio Apartments in Nachlaot

This property is located on Rehov Even Sapir off Betzalel in  Nachalat Achim, a popular neighborhood next to Nachlaot.   The map below illustrates the close proximity to City Center, Machane Yehuda (Shuk), Ben Yehuda, King George Street, Gan Sacher and much more.

Even Sapir map

The property is one single ground floor apartment with patio entrance that was recently renovated into two short term rental studio loft apartments.  The living area of both studio apartments combined is 60 sm which includes the sleeping lofts.  Each apartment  sleeps up to 4 people and has a separate entrance, kitchenette, living area and bathroom.  A secure door combines and separates the two apartments to accommodate larger and smaller groups.  The total weekly rental rate for both apartments is $1,000 USD.

2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.62 36 7 9a11

Asking Price:  1,550,000 ILS  

(includes all furnishings and future reservations)

For more information,
Francine Bork
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Israel 054-7980813
USA 347-828-7889

Agency fee equal to 2% of Purchase Price plus VAT applies

or send an inquiry …


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