For Sale: Spacious 5 Room Apartment with Succah Terrace in Har Homa

Har Homa (also known as Homat Shmuel) is a relatively new but well developed community on the southeastern corner of Jerusalem and is home to about 25,000 residents.  The popularity of Har Homa stems from it’s close proximity and easy access to the center of Jerusalem, it’s lower housing costs and surburban atmosphere.  Small and large parks and playgrounds are throughout the city. A picturesque promenade, encircling the hillside, connects the larger parks together. Many apartments which face southwest have a view of Herodian.  This property is located on Rehov Sol Lipchin in the center of Har Homa.

Har Homa sol lipchin har homa

About the apartment

  • 4 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms
  • 3rd floor with elevator
  • 120 square meters of living area
  • 25 square meters succah terrace
  • Open views
  • 2 parking spaces
  • Private storage

ALEX8903 copy ALEX8802 copyALEX8639 copy ALEX8659 copyALEX8674 copyALEX8870 copyALEX8716 copyPurchase Price:  2,000,000 ILS

For more information, contact
Francine Bork 972-54-7980813
Niv Marili 972-50-5713030
MJA Real Estate

or inquire here

Agency fee of 2% of the Purchase Price plus VAT applies


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