For Sale: Select 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments from 1,699,000 ILS in Popular Jerusalem Neighborhoods

Listed below are some properties available in various popular Jerusalem neighborhoods priced between 1,699,000 to 2,500,000 ILS.  Click on the name of the neighborhood to view a map.


Located in the south eastern corner of Jerusalem, between Armon HaNetziv, Talpiot and Ramat Rachel and just a few minute walk to Baka.  It’s a family-oriented community with religious, traditional and secular families many of whom are English speakers, though still very Hebrew-oriented.  

Kore HaDorot – 3 bedrooms – 84 sq meters – 3rd floor  – no elevator – 2,100,000 ILS

Efrata – 3 bedrooms – 82 sq meters – ground floor – exit to the common area garden – large storage with window – shared parking – motivated seller – 2,175,000 ILS

Beitar – 3 bedrooms – 3 bedrooms – 100 sq meters – 2nd floor – storage – parking – 2,450,000 ILS


Charming neighborhood situated between the German Colony and Talpiot in southern Jerusalem.  One of Jerusalem’s garden neighborhoods.  A mixed community of families, singles, religious, traditional, secular, and of course English speakers.  Lots of local shops, salons, restaurants on Derech Bet Lechem & Derech Hebron.

Nacham Lipshitz – 2 bedroom – newly renovated – ground floor – 60 sm plus direct access to common area garden – parking – 2,100,000 ILS

Pierre Koenig – 2 bedroom – needs total renovation – 5th floor with elevator – 55 sm – view – parking – 1,750,000 ILS

City Center

This area is becoming more and more popular as new development is completed on and around HaNeviim Street.  Excellent location for vacation apartments.  Close to Ben Yehuda, King George, Yaffo and a short walk to the Mamilla and the Old City.  Easy access to public transportation via Light Rail and bus lines. 

Aliash – 1.5 bedrooms – 54 sq meters – 2nd floor – elevator – balcony – AC – renovated – 1,699,000 ILS

HaNeviim – 2 bedrooms – 70 sq meters – 1st floor – elevator – furnished short term rental apartment – 2,250,000 ILS


An upscale neighborhood located near the City Center, near Nachlaot, Sha’arei Chesed, Talbieh, King George Street and Sacher Park. One of Jerusalem’s six garden neighborhoods.  A diverse mix of religiously observant and secular residents, alongside a substantial retirement-age English-speaking community and a new wave of young couples.  Plenty of shopping, restaurants, cafes and a post office.  Walking distance is the Kings Hotel, the Leonardo Plaza Hotel, the Great Synagogue and Yeshrun Synagogue at the entrance to the neighborhood all along King George near Keren HaYesod.

Rashba –  closer to Shaare Chesed – 2 bedrooms – approx 58 sq meters – 1st floor – needs total renovation – 2,300,000 ILS

Derech Aza – 2 bedroom garden apartment with private entrance – 76 sq meters – handicap access – great condition – 2,380,000 ILS-

HaRav Brody – 2 bedrooms – 4th floor with Shabbat elevator – excellent condition and tasteful decor – private parking – open view – 2,200,000 ILS

Old Katamon

Built in the 1920s and known as the “Flower Garden of Jerusalem,” this neighborhood is surround by the Greek Colony, German Colony, Givat Oranim, Kiryat Shmuel, and Talbiya.  The community is a mix of dati-leumi religious, haredi, traditional and secular residents.  There are schools, preschools and synagogues of many different varieties; including the Shteiblich and Yakar.

Kovshei Katamon – 1.5 bedrooms – ground floor (4-5 stairs up) – 50 sq meters – good condition – 1,900,000 ILS

Hezkihu HaMelech – 2 bedrooms – 1st floor – balconies – 70 sq meters – shared parking – 2,300,000 ILS

Rabbi Meir – 2 bedrooms – 3rd floor – no elevator – 60 sq meters expandable to 120 sq meters – lots of potential – 2,500,000 ILS


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