Services & Links

Here’s a list of services and important links for your convenience ….

Short Term Rentals & Property Management

First Israel Mortgages
Tsvi Shapiro, Mortgage Consultant
Cellular:  052-8245166  USA: 646-808-0478

TFC – Trust Financial Consulting
Shlomi Nachmani, Mortgage Consultant
Cellular:  054-5663909

Avi Unterman, Attorney at Law (Israel / USA)
Specializing in Real Estate
Cellular:  054-5993577  USA: 215-459-7191

Ofer Lifshitz, Attorney at Law (Israel) 
Specializing in Real Estate & Family Law
Cellular:  054-7933106

Roi Ovadiya, Attorney at Law (Israel)
Specializing in Real Estate Law
Cellular: 054-4288299

Chaim Mulin, Property Inspector / Engineer
Cellular:  052-2200311

Kef International – International Shipping & Appliances:
Israel: 02 673 5043   USA 866-425-5224

Keren David Movers – Servicing Jerusalem & Beit Shemesh areas
Cellular: 057-3160000

Eliezer Movers – Professional Moving Service
Telephones: 02-6518220 / Cellular: 050-5362322

The Handiman Tzvi – Professional Maintenance & Repair Service
Licensed Plumber & Electrican
Cellular: 054-4985298 – Search, find, buy, post, sell second hand items.

JangloIsrael’s largest English community online

Nefesh B’Nefesh – The #1 source for English speaking New Olim
Israel:  02-6595800   USA:  866-4-ALIYAH    UK: 0800-075-7200

Association for Americans and Canadians in Israel – AACI
Assisting Olim in absorbing into Israeli life


Disclaimer:     These services and organizations are listed for your convenience.  MJA Real Estate, and it’s principles are not in anyway responsible for the services provided.

If you’d like to list your service or company on our site, please submit a request to  Be sure to include the name of your company, telephone numbers, email, link to your website and any other information that describes who you are, what you do and how you do it.   Thank you.

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