Ra’anana (Hebrew: רַעֲנָנָה, lit. “Fresh”) is a popular city in the heart of the Sharon in the Central (Mercaz) District of Israel with a population of 80,000, as of 2014.  Ra’anana is bordered by Kfar Saba on the east and Herzliya on the southwest. While the majority of its residents are native-born Israelis, a large part of the population are immigrants from the Americas, South Africa and Europe.  Ra’anana’s high tech industrial park is home to many leading global companies and local start up companies. It was designated a “Green City” award by the World Health Organization in 2005.*

Raanana map1


Though the majority of Ra’anana residents are secular, there is a sizeable religious community, mainly consisting of Modern Orthodox Jews, many of whom are immigrants from the US, UK, South Africa and France. There are nearly 100 synagogues in Ra’anana, ranging from small minyanim to large edifices, and including a wide range of traditions, including Progressive (Reform), Sefaradi, Ashkenazi, Yemenite and even Afghani, Libyan synagogues. Many of these synagogues cater to specific immigrant groups. There is also a small Hasidic community of Clevelander Hasidim, led by the Clevelander Rebbe of Ra’anana, Rabbi Yitzchok Rosenbaum. The orthodox chief rabbi of the city is Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz.*

Ra’anana has an industrial zone in the north of the city, which is home to Renanim shopping mall and many high-tech companies, including Emblaze, Hewlett-Packard, NICE Systems, SAP, NCR Corporation (formerly Retalix), Comverse, Red Hat, Waze (prior to Google acquisition) and Texas Instruments. In addition, Microsoft’s head office in Israel and Amdocs are located in an office complex at the eastern edge of the city, close to Ra’anana Junction, where Highway 4 meets Ahuza Street, Ra’anana’s main boulevard. Ahuza Street runs through the city from east to west and is lined with shops, restaurants and a cultural center.*

Some of the notable residents living in Ra’anana are Naftali Bennett, businessman and politician, leader of The Jewish Home party, Peter Deutsch, former US congressman, and Uzi Landau, Minister of National Infrastructure.

*Resource: Wikipedia – for more information about Ra’anana link here.

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There is a new neighborhood currently being developed in the northern part of Ra’anana called Neve Zemer.  It’s expected to add some 3,500 housing units to the City over the next 3-5 years.  Neve Zemer is slated to become Raanana’s largest neighborhood appealing to a varied population—young couples, established families, and all who aspire to live in the most dynamic city in Israel. This northern neighborhood, part of the urban continuum, offers all the attributes and more that have made Raanana Israel’s most progressive city: wide open landscaped spaces, lush gardens and parks, a vibrant community life, and careful attention paid to all aspects of the residents’ high quality of life. The Neve Zemer neighborhood offers a full range of municipal and community services, with ample spaces now earmarked for recreational facilities and urban entertainment centers for residents of all ages.

Raanana Neve Zemer

Here is an example of the apartments that may be purchased in this new neighborhood.

4 Bedrooms (aka 5 Rooms) – up to 127 square meters with 13 square meter balcony
Priced from 2,700,000 ILS (approx. $700,000 USD)

Raanana 5rms

5 Bedrooms (aka 6 Rooms) – up to 142 square meters with 13 square meter balcony
Priced from, 2,950,000 ILS (approx.  $770,000 USD)

Raanana 6rms

5 Bedroom Duplex (aka 6 Room Duplex) – 175 square meters with open terraces from 36-96 square meters.  Priced from 3,900,000 ILS (approx. $1,026,000 USD)
Floor plans available upon request.

Occupancy February – April 2016

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