Rosh HaAyin

Rosh HaAyin (Hebrew: רֹאשׁ הָעָיִן Hebrew pronunciation: [ˌroʃ häˈʔä.in], lit. Fountainhead) is a city in the Center District of Israel. To the west of Rosh HaAyin is the fortress of Antipatris and the source of the Yarkon River. To the southeast is the fortress of Migdal Afek (Migdal Tzedek).* Currently, the population of Rosh HaAyin is currently approximately 42,000 residents; however a government funded program is expanding the city and over the next 10 years Rosh HaAyin is expect to triple in size to about 120,000 residents.**

Rosh HaAyin Map

*Source:  Wikipedia
** Jerusalem Post: Housing Plan Will Double The Size of Rosh HaAyin

The first, second and third rule when purchasing real estate is Location, Location, Location, and Rosh HaAyin is perfectly located in the center of the country 15 to 30 minutes to the major business centers.   Major roadways and Israel Railway provide easy access to any city along the west coast and in the center of Israel and beyond.

Rosh HaAyin Map

Rosh HaAyin HaMizrach, a new neighborhood on the top of breezy hill on the eastern side of Rosh HaAyin, is expected to become Rosh HaAyin’s largest neighborhood appealing to a varied population.  With over 15,000 new apartments and private homes, young couples, established families, and all who aspire to live in a strategic location can now afford to live in style close to the major employment centers in the country.

Rosh HaAyin Mizrach mapThe fourth rule when purchasing real estate is buying the best possible quality at the best possible price, and new housing development in Rosh HaAyin Mizrach affords you prices that are not available in other more established cities.

Here are some sample apartments to choose from:

3 Bedrooms (aka 4 Rooms) – 108 square meters with 12 square meter balcony
Priced from 1,500,000 ILS (approx. $385,000 USD)

Rosh HaAyin 4rms

4 Bedrooms (aka 5 Rooms) – 120 square meters with 12 square meter balcony
Priced from 1,700,000 ILS (approx. $436,000 USD)

Rosh HaAyin 5rms

5 Bedrooms (aka 6 Rooms) Penthouses – 147 square meters with 100 square meter succah terrace.  Priced from 2,500,000 ILS (approx.  $640,000 USD)

E pent 6 rooms ver 02


Private Cottage Homes available from 2,500,000 ILS.
More information upon request

Occupancy from 2017

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