For Sale: New Construction 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments in City Center


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Located on Yaffo Street near King George and walking distance to Machane Yehuda, Ben Yehuda Street and conveniently located along the Light Rail for easy transportation in and about the City. About the Building 24 story luxury building with 8 … Continue reading

New Construction on Lincoln Street in Talbiyah


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PRE-CONSTRUCTION PRICES ARE ABOUT TO EXPIRE NOW IS THE TIME TO RESERVE YOUR APARTMENT !!!   This property is located on Rehov Abraham Lincoln 12 in the exclusive neighborhood of Talbiya, only a block from King David Street and a short … Continue reading

For Sale: New Construction of 3, 4 & 6 Room Apartments in Mekor Chaim


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These 4 apartments are the last of a new project on Rehov Mekor Chaim, a historical street bordering on Baka, German Colony, Greek Colony,  Katamon & Talpiot.   Step out of your apartment and onto the new promenade (tayelet) that runs … Continue reading

For Sale: New 4 Room Apartment on Chanoch Albek near Caspi


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This apartment is located in the exclusive Caspi section of Baka / North Talpiyot… a short walking distance to Derech Hebron, Derech Bet Lechemin Baka, the Old Train Station, Old Arnona, Arnona HaTzira, the famous promenade in Armon HaNetziv and the industrial area … Continue reading

Jerusalem Garden in City Center


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Jerusalem Garden is a newly built modern residence just off Rehov HaNeviim, the historical and cultural center of Jerusalem, and overlooks the famous Ticho House with it’s charming garden and museum.  Residents enjoy the ambiance of old world Jerusalem with the … Continue reading

Savyoney Arnona


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Savyoney Arnona is a new residential property to be constructed in  the  developing neighborhood of Ramat Arnona.   This new neighborhood is central to Old Arnona to the North, Talpiyot to the west, Armon HaNetziv to the east and Kibbutz … Continue reading