Here are the words of a few satisfied clients who will tell you About Us better than we can describe ourselves:

“Just a note to both of you- Hashem has blessed you both in finding each other to work with and compliment each other in what you both do –  as I said “the Dynamic Duo!!”  You both do your work so completely, diligently and so well –  cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful advice, phone calls, etc.  Francine- for taking us to every new building for us to compare, and Niv- what can I say- for driving us around to complete so much important work towards our moving in to Saidoff.  Really- you both are detail people- which is so important in this line of work- slipping on a detail in purchasing a home can be devastating. 

P.S. SO happy the other couple chose Saidoff too !!”

With so much appreciation- Miryam and Dov (June 2015)


“We just moved to an incredible Jerusalem apartment: well beyond what we could imagine, and still within our budget and parameters – all thanks to Francine!! She was extremely creative, resourceful, patient, determined, and wonderful to work with. We are so fortunate to have found her.”

Rifki and Moshe  (November 2013)


And this is a letter of reference from a client who made aliyah from USA:

“To Whom it May Concern:

This is a letter of reference for Francine Bork, who helped us find an apartment here in Jerusalem.  We can recommend Francine because of the fact that the apartment she found for us really meets our needs and exceeded our expectations for what we might be able to locate here. Francine helped us find the apartment while we were still in the United States during the last month of our preparation for our move to Israel.

Before selecting a real estate agent we carefully investigated Jerusalem neighborhoods, locations of services that were important to us, the average rents and all sorts of other data. We developed enough information to confuse ourselves pretty thoroughly. Perhaps our research was helpful to Francine in understanding what we were after — or perhaps she just developed a sense from talking to us of what might best work for our family.

We selected Francine and her partner because out of all the agent we interviewed they seemed the most down-to-earth. Francine was able to focus on finding a good apartment for us and to explain to us why it would meet our needs.  She emailed us enough pictures so that we could get comfortable with the place. Francine was also helpful to us in negotiating our agreement with the landlord.  At the time there was a lot of demand for apartments in our  neighborhood, so our future landlord had his pick of tenants. Francine was able to help us present ourselves to our landlord (all by email) and also to give us some perspective during the process of negotiating lease terms.

When our very tired family arrived to move into our apartment we were grateful that Francine and her partner had brought us a table and chairs and enough food to get started here in Israel. Since our lift was not scheduled to arrive for another five or six weeks, that additional act of kindness really was very helpful to our family.”

Marc and Rachel (August 2013)

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